Thursday, January 22, 2015

A week in photos.

Here are a few fun photos from this last week.  Love our little friends!!
These cuties just love each other!

Grandma Dorothy is our favorite! 
We went to a super fun birthday party at the movies for little Max.  We even got a tour of the projection area.  It was really cool!
Baby care, bear style.  Georgia is still part of our family.
Auntie does the best hair!
Grandma's birthday!  We had a great little dinner party here at the house.
This is how Ava set the table.  Bless her heart, she was so close!
Watching TV together
BFF Audrey. 
Norah's a ham.
I love their relationship.
Bagels!  Norah's top favorite food.
Shopping together.
Today was so beautiful we hit up not one, but TWO parks! 

: )

Friday, January 16, 2015

Norah's first haircut!

We started with a starbucks date with Grandma.  Talk of haircuts arose, both little people were freaking out, THEY DID NOT WANT A HAIRCUT!!!!
Then I told them that they could have a sucker if they got one and they were all for it!  haha
Both happy the whole time and super good followers of direction...
Such cutie pies!

They took about 5 inches off, still super cute!  I'm excited to see if it's easier to brush.  Norah's hair has always been challenging to say the least.
They are growing up so fast!!! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just a few random pictures...

Love their sisterly-cuteness.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Three cheers for cute!!

My good friend Gail hooked us up with this little outfit.  I was dying to surprise John with it on game day.  It did not disappoint.  : )

 We could barely stand how cute she looks.
John and I were much less excited about Ava's choice in outfits.  Barbie cheerleader is not our favorite.  Also donated to us, maybe shouldn't of let that one slide through. 
 Go Hawks!! 
Love our little fans! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year's Fun!

We had the very best time over New Year's.  Lots of fun people came to ring in the New Year with us, it was perfect!  
I always make them run.  They loved it! : )
Me and my girl, ready to party!
Loved having Gail join us!  Her "living" down the street has been so great!  I love when the stars align and we end up in Lincoln City at the same time!
 A bunch of crazies. 
Seren is so pretty.
 There are 5 kids in this photo, can you spot them all??

 Cuter together.
 Games bring people together.  Right?
 I love how relaxed Norah was sitting on Tyler's lap.  She kept insisting he let her.
 Party animals.

 Cousin love.

 Keeley and Gail
 Nothing to see here, just Rhi dancing on her chair. 
 Vashi & Rick
 I love, love these people, and this shot.

 All four of us!!

 My little crazies.

 Tyler got woken up for the countdown and immediately asked to go back to bed. 
 A little cheesey. 
 Super Cheeseball.
 Family shot!

 Erik playing with the kids.

 The kids had such a fun night, it even ended with fireworks!
 This makes me smile.
Explaining the world, according to Norah.
 Such a great daddy and so handsome.

 Rhi braided her hair, Norah looks down and says "Oooh I have Elsa hair!!  Now don't touch it."
True to her tell-tail "Can't do my hair!"  : )
 Love my sister so much!

  I so wish I could see this wonderful woman more often!!
 Love Gail!
 Oh Erik...
 Silly boys.


 Beaver fans!
 How cute are they??
 Team work!
The modern play date. 
Ticket to Ride, Asia!!  So fun!
Vashi & Jessica
Family walk!
Love these ladies!
Her face.
A beautiful sunset that my phone just didn't do justice...

Have a great year everyone!!  As you can see, we are excited! 

Happy New Year!